Brownie, our baby

Brownie, even saying his name brings a smile on my face. My companion, my life, my soulmate, my baby for 15 years. I still remember it was 2001, when we got him home. He was so small but so active. All he wanted was love, he loved each one of us unconditionally. He was not... Continue Reading →

Kapoor and Sons (since 1921) – A movie review

Are you a bollywood fan like us? Do you love desi drama, humour and gorgeous faces? If yes, then this is the movie for you!  We actually went and saw this movie in the cinema. It was unusual because movies that we consciously plan to watch in the cinema somehow always get missed.  So we... Continue Reading →

Baking, the ultimate love

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. I was extremely depressed so today when I woke up I did a lot of baking. I literally made so many things, cooking is a therapy for me. A very good therapy. The elder twin makes a very nice chocolate mousse cake, so today I tried making... Continue Reading →

Sweet Affairs

It was just another day when I wasn’t happy with myself but my twin is always very happy and proud of me. She wanted to treat me because I presented even after having a panic attack so we went to (this place where previously we had a really great lunch experience) Sweet Affairs by Sania... Continue Reading →

Lunching at the Lahore Social

We are from Lahore, so our love for food is probably in our genes. Last week on a nice sunny day we decided to have lunch outside. It was a weekday and we had to run errands around the Hussain Chowk area so we thought of eating somewhere nearby. It is while picking a restaurant... Continue Reading →

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