Lunching at the Lahore Social

We are from Lahore, so our love for food is probably in our genes. Last week on a nice sunny day we decided to have lunch outside. It was a weekday and we had to run errands around the Hussain Chowk area so we thought of eating somewhere nearby. It is while picking a restaurant that we decided to start this blog and enlighten the world with our valuable opinions on food, travel and life in general. Jokes aside, picking a restaurant is quite a task for us because there are a few serious factors that we have to consider. Firstly, we have to choose a place that has ample chicken-less options. One of us is allergic to chicken and is also a picky eater so deciding a place where she can eat is a task. Secondly, we always want to try something new which makes choosing all the more difficult.

So, on this beautiful afternoon we decided to try The Lahore Social. I had heard mixed reviews about the place but wanted to try it for myself. While I drove us there, the other twin decided to check out their menu online. She saw their beef lasagna and decided it was the place to go. As soon as we reached we saw that it was empty, with only one other car parked. I started saying that it must not be good that’s why it was empty. On which the other twin started telling me the psychological effect of empty business places and how businesses actually use it to their advantage by creating a fake crowd. Anyhow, we were received by a very welcoming staff. I don’t know why, but I had a very different image of the place in my head. They say it’s a fine dining restaurant so I was expecting a luxurious indoor. To my surprise, it was classic and lovely. I loved the white walls, the arched doors and the old school feel. It’s a vintage lover’s paradise, if you ask me.

The gorgeous interior

Moving on to the food; so we got the menus and started going through it to see what we wanted to order. After much deliberation we decided on ordering one appetizer and two entrées.  Our appetizer was cheesy chicken potato skins, entrées included Chicken cordon bleu and Beef lasagna and we ordered two classic lemonades. We were quite hungry so when they served us their complementary bread basket we decided to immediately dig our claws in it. While it looked alright, it tasted quite oily and stale. So the first impression wasn’t the kind you would want to leave on a customer. It didn’t leave a good taste in our mouth but we were hungry and really hoping the food would be good.

The good-looking, bad tasting complimentary bread

Then came our appetizer; the service was quick and accurate. Our appetizer looked lovely and we hoped it would taste the same. The appetizer included four beautiful potato skins filled with chicken and topped with cheese. The beautiful appetizer tasted even better! The ranch dip is a perfect supplement to the crispy potato skins and the scrumptious chicken filling. If you ever visit, I would definitely recommend it.

Crispy potato skin

While we were still basking in the glory of the amazing choice of appetizer we had made, our entrées arrived. My chicken cordon bleu was beautiful, while the beef lasagna looked quite eatable as well. We wore our napkins and dug in. The cordon bleu tasted as good as it looked; actually even better. The crispy outer and the cheese and spinach filling worked perfectly. While the portion looked small, I think it was absolutely sufficient for one person. The piccante cream sauce was a good mix of spicy red sauce and cream sauce. The beef lasagna was also quite delicious, with heavy beef filling. Personally, we both love lasagna but with less meat. I know it might sound odd to you but that’s just how we like it. So, we ate it all and left quite a bit of beef in the plate. Apart from the fact that it had too much meat filling for our taste, we loved it. Taste wise it was quite perfectly balanced; with the right amount of spices and red sauce. I forgot to tell you about the lemonade! It was the best ones we’ve had in Lahore. You have to trust on this because we are crazy about lemonades and have tried it at most of the places in Lahore. The plus points of this lemonade were the perfect blend of sweet and tangy and it didn’t give me a brain freeze! After our entrées we were too full to try their dessert so we decided to try those another day.

Beef lasagne, Lemonade and Chicken Cordon Bleu

Our overall experience at the Lahore social was better than we expected. The ambience and service was top notch. The food quality and quantity were both up to the mark as well. The price was a little on the high side but considering that it is a fine dining restaurant, it is acceptable. If you ask me if it was worth value for money, I would say yes. My reasons for that are; firstly the food tasted great. Secondly, I love food that looks good and I found that here (it’s quite difficult to find it here believe me). Thirdly, the staff was very hospitable. Lastly, I love that old-school feel. I’d give the Lahore Social a 4/5 and would definitely recommend it.


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