Sweet Affairs

It was just another day when I wasn’t happy with myself but my twin is always very happy and proud of me. She wanted to treat me because I presented even after having a panic attack so we went to (this place where previously we had a really great lunch experience) Sweet Affairs by Sania Waqar, to celebrate my first step towards recovering.

We both love sweet affairs. I ordered a chocolate molten lava cupcake as always (I am a big fan of chocolate) and she ordered a mini red velvet cake.  It was a delicious molten lava cake. Finally, I got a molten lava cake that was molten and just didn’t have Hershey’s chocolate syrup inside it. I usually make better molten lava cake at home but it was still worth the money and better than most of molten lava cakes I have tried.


The red velvet cake, as quoted by my other twin,“It was moist, soft, the right amount of sweetness and the most amazing topping. I adore the ones from Magnolia bakery, Bloomingdales but this is equally good if not better!” I can trust her words as she ordered another one because she liked it so much and she kept on talking about it until we reached home.


So our overall experience of sweet affairs was great. Loved their cupcakes and enjoyed talking as it was peaceful and had the right kind of music.




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