Baking, the ultimate love

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. I was extremely depressed so today when I woke up I did a lot of baking. I literally made so many things, cooking is a therapy for me. A very good therapy.

The elder twin makes a very nice chocolate mousse cake, so today I tried making that. But unfortunately, I couldn’t make that so using my creative skills I made something new. My cake broke as my oven wasn’t working properly. So out of the cake, I cut some shapes and filled it with chocolate mousse.

20160321_182123 (2)
Different shaped cake with mousse
20160321_182157 (2)
Heart shaped


Some pieces that were left of the cake, I didn’t want to waste them so I made another dessert. I took some glass cups. I placed one layer of cake, one layer of chocolate, then another layer of cake, chocolate mousse and sprinkles to make it look beautiful. It was so easy that my 8 years old cousin helped me in it. To bring a fruity flavor in it, I also placed some pieces of strawberry in them.

20160321_174834 (2).jpg
These are the bowls and glasses with the three layers i talked about



A closer look
Another picture for you

Then I made another cake, which didn’t break even thought I made it in the same oven, I topped it with chocolate mousse, sprinkles and strawberries and placed them in refrigerator to settle all these things. Hope you like it my crazy baking 🙂

20160321_182000 (2)
Other twine will kill me after seeing this, she makes much better cake



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