Kapoor and Sons (since 1921) – A movie review


Are you a bollywood fan like us? Do you love desi drama, humour and gorgeous faces? If yes, then this is the movie for you!  We actually went and saw this movie in the cinema. It was unusual because movies that we consciously plan to watch in the cinema somehow always get missed.  So we went for the movie, partially because it had the handsome Pakistani hunk Fawad Khan and also because it looked a little messed up from the trailers.

The movie is about a desi dysfunctional family (the kind most of us have) who get together because their grandfather has a heart attack. It starred Rishi Kapoor (grand dad), Ratna pathak (mom), Rajat Kapoor (dad), Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra (brothers) and Aliya Bhatt . The film begins with the aged and worn out couple (mom & dad) arguing with each other over their finances, with the grand dad acting dead from time to time, on the dining table. The first scene gives a good insight into the craziness of the daada  (granddad) and the frustration of two people who have been married for too long. The film unfolds when the brothers find out their daada has suffered a heart attack and come back to their parents’ house to care for him. As it unfolds we get a closer look into a family that has secrets, sibling jealousy and rivalry, complexes and misunderstandings, cheating and financial problems. All of which is covered in love for each other which they are afraid to show.

My favourite character was daada g; he was extremely witty (loved his potty humor and obsession with porn on the i-pappad) and loving and soft, exactly how grandparents are. He reminded me of my daadi (grandmother), all she wanted was her kids to be happy and cordial with each other. The first half of the movie was all fun and games and had a feel-good vibe to it. The songs were jumpy and happy, the relationship of the kids with their grandpa was awesome and even the arguments had a light feel to it. However it all changed with the second half and things started getting more serious. The insecurities started to take a toll on the characters. While they took one step up, they went two steps back.

The plot took unpredictable twists and turns; the perfect child wasn’t absolutely perfect, the partner wasn’t absolutely faithful and the mother wasn’t absolutely innocent either. The twists were unpredictable and welcoming except for one. I didn’t like how they ended one characters life (won’t disclose which for the sake of curiosity), maybe because the optimist in me thought all will be happy and gay at the end. I liked the treatment of the story and of a very controversial issue; of one of the characters coming out of the closet and disclosing that he was gay. It’s still quite a big deal in the desi world and our parents still don’t understand this happens naturally. I loved how towards the end we saw the mother trying to understand and accept her child.

All in all, I loved the performances of all the characters even the ones with a small role like the body builder ‘Boobly’ who loved to make his boobs dance. The treatment of the issues that the family deals with was also quite well-done. The eye candy was great; all the youngsters look very attractive. In the end I would have to laud Fawad Khan’s performance. He has really improved as an actor; from being stone faced to performing this role beautifully, he has really come a long way.


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