The mouthwatering Chicken Lasagne

The creamy, cheesy lasagne you will love, or at least we love it (and do not like sharing it with anyone and having all of it ourselves). We decided to cook this on a sunny day in this extremely hot and humid weather, the sweat and tears were all worth it once it was cooked. But even if you are a foodie like us, do not cook it in this Lahori garmi. It leaves you dehydrated and dying.

We put in the added effort of taking pictures throughout the cooking process and then wrote it down for you only. So try it out for yourself!



Lasagne strips                  1 packet

White sauce

Flour                                 2 Tablespoon

Milk                                  1 cup

Cheddar cheese             45 gram

Salt                                   As per taste

Black Pepper                  As per taste

Oregano                          As per taste

Chicken in red sauce

Chicken mince              1 chicken breast minced

Tomato puree               6 medium sized tomatoes

Hot sauce                      1 Tablespoon

Salt                                 As per taste

Black pepper                As per taste

Oregano                        As per taste

Tomato Ketchup          100 grams


So basically there are three different components that you have to make for the lasagne. You need to make the chicken in red sauce, the white sauce and of course cook the lasagne strips.

Boil the lasagne strips in water for 8-10 minutes or as per the directions given at the back of the pack. Meanwhile, make the red sauce.

For the red sauce, put oil in a pan, wait for it to get a little hot, and then put garlic paste. As soon as garlic gets a little brown and you can smell it, put tomato puree in it. Let the tomatoes cook a little, and then add salt, pepper, hot sauce and tomato ketchup. When all the ingredients are mixed together, put chicken mince and cover the pan. Let the chicken cook.The sauce is ready as soon as it has reduced and turned into a thick sauce and the chicken is cooked. Turn off the stove and put oregano in it.

For the white sauce there are two recipes. One with cornflour and the other with flour. For this recipe we will be using flour. On low flame put butter or olive oil in a pan once it is hot add garlic. Let it cook for a bit and as soon as you start smelling garlic add flour in it. Mix the flour in the mixture and knead it with a spatula so that lumps do not form. Once you feel the flour is cooked, add milk and keep mixing it so that it does turn into a lumpy mixture. Let it come to boil, then add some cheese for taste and improving its consistency. Lastly put some salt and black pepper and in the end some oregano.

Both the sauces are ready and so are the strips, now all you have to do is assemble. First put the lasagne strips, then red sauce and white sauce, then lasagne strips again, then red and white sauce again, then put lasagne strips again and then cover it with lots of cheese!! With lots of cheese I mean lots of cheese. Put it in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 375 degrees and the mouth-watering lasagne will be ready!



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