Cochem Castle, Germany

There are many famous castles in Germany,  there are a few which are beautiful but not to well-known and Cochem Castle is one of them. My older sister  sent me a picture of it from someones Instagram and I decided to visit it with my friends because it looked very pretty. It was the start of April and the weather in Germany was a mixture of cold and hot. It was a sunny day, but the temperature was 17 degrees which for Germany isn’t that bad. I live in Bad Honnef, and from there we had to change 2 trains. One till Koblenz and then from Koblenz to Cochem (Mosel).  It was around a 2 hours journey. We never plan anything which kind of sucks but we always manage to have a good day. We got a day group pass for the train which is valid for 5 people and you can take as many trains as you want all day long till 12 am at night.

After we reached Cochem we decided to walk till the castle as we weren’t sure if there was a tram or a bus which went there. But now I do know that qthere are many buses and a tram which goes from the market to the Castle so if you don’t like walking take it. It’s a steep walk around 20 minutes and 1.4 km. I would suggest walk and take pictures along the way, that’s what we did.

The castle was beautiful from outside, and we took some pictures and it looked exactly like the picture my sister sent me. I always make stories in my mind whenever I see castles, and wish I was born early and lived as a King, don’t know why never find queens and princess fascinating. We took the castle entrance tickets and brought some souvenirs from the shop and then made our way to the castle. The castle is not open for everyone. A guide comes and takes you inside and explains about the rooms, the architecture and shows the castle. The tour is in German but in the start, she distributes pamphlets in many languages and English is one of them. The tickets for adults for 5 euros and for students 3 euros. This is the link of the page where you can find history of the castle.





Personally, I didn’t really like the inside of the castle too much as I am claustrophobic, and the palace was small with a lot of people and my German isn’t very good hence I had to read everything and didn’t understand her jokes. Overall, the palace is beautiful from outside so its worth going to!! If you have been to this Palace or any, share your experience with us. We would love to know!!

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 Inside the castle and the walk towards the castle


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