Brussels & nearby places in Belgium: Trip Itinerary

Brussels is only 2 hours away from Koln and our family friends live there. Hence, it is best place for me to explore when I am out of money. I have been to Brussels twice, once in winters and once in summers. Obviously, those who have been to Europe or live there know that it’s too difficult to explore in winters because of the cold and snow. But I think you get used to it when you live there. I have seen people wearing shorts and stockings when I am wearing two jackets but that’s because maybe I am not immune to the cold.

In this Brussels series, I will write about the tips which I think can be beneficial for anyone who wants to visit Brussels and tell about two places which are basically outside Brussels; one is a cave (The Domain of the Cave of Han) and one is a hill which people are not well aware of and which google doesn’t show when you make your plan about Brussels. The cave was around 1.5 hours’ drive from Atomium Brussels. Get a car and do make a trip to the cave!!

Day 1

Saint Catherine Church with global village

Grand Place/ Brussels square

Manneken Pis

Have famous waffles from the street and buy famous Belgian chocolate


Saint Catherine Church

global village

Global village outside Saint Catherine Church(If you are lucky)


Grand Place Brussels

IMG-20170420-WA0018Manneken Pis

Day 2

Atomium and Mini Europe

Domain of the Cave of Han

Dinant city

  • Notre Dame de Dinant
  • Citadel of Dinant
  • Walk by the River Mause River, see different versions of saxophones & have icecream by the river




Domain of cave of Han


The beautiful Dinant city with Citadel of Dinant

We only had two days, but I believe we saw the most beautiful places in a short time. If you want a relaxed trip, you can divide the second day into 2 days to make it less hectic. Hope this helps you. Other posts are coming soon!! Stay tuned


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