Milan Itinerary and Budget

Milan, the fashion capital of Europe is worth a visit. I choose Milan because I was low on budget and I really wanted to explore. As you know by now I live in Cologne, so I took a flight to Milan and stayed in a hotel that was 20 mins by train to central station. I choose that hotel because it was really hot and I needed a room with an air conditioner. Below is the detail of the money I spent on the trip and then an itinerary.


Airline ticket(Ryan Air) round trip= 47 euros

Convertini Hotel 3 nights for two people=113.49 euros

Bus from Airport to central station round trip= 10 euros

Daily bus pass= 5.50 euros

Total=119(without food)

The food was comparatively cheap. It took me around 50 euros for 3 days.


Day 1:

Milan central station

Milan Cathederal

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

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Day 2:

Sforza Castle

Parco Sempoine

There is a really nice garden in between castle and parco sempoine, you can sit under the trees, do a picnic or just enjoy the nature.

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Day 3

Navigli Canal

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