The mouthwatering Chicken Lasagne

The creamy, cheesy lasagne you will love, or at least we love it (and do not like sharing it with anyone and having all of it ourselves). We decided to cook this on a sunny day in this extremely hot and humid weather, the sweat and tears were all worth it once it was cooked.... Continue Reading →

Chand Raat- A night to celebrate

We as Pakistanis try to find happiness in little things. Festivals like basant have been banned in Pakistan, actually Lahore only, (where it was celebrated with the most zeal), which leaves us with only two Eids to celebrate. So we want to celebrate everything about the festivals, whether it is chand raat or bakra shopping!... Continue Reading →

Hello World

  Hello Everyone, We are Miran and Mariam- this is a blog about our adventures around our hometown (that is Lahore and Bad Honnef) and also around the world. We are two twins (with one of us being six years older to the other) with all the symptoms of a crazy heart, trying to find joy... Continue Reading →

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