One outfit, Two Styles

The fast-paced life of today demands that we are efficient with styling our daily outfits. Our day jobs and extremely busy social life demands that we can style one outfit in various ways throughout the day. That is exactly what I’ve been doing and want to share here. So, my day began with an official... Continue Reading →

Of food and discounts- The Tree Lounge

I got a khabba card from a friend along with a discount card of 500 rupees for a restaurant called Tree Lounge, so we decided to go there as it was expiring on the 1st of April (you can see how much we are into food and discounts). We reached the Tree Lounge which is... Continue Reading →

Lunching at the Lahore Social

We are from Lahore, so our love for food is probably in our genes. Last week on a nice sunny day we decided to have lunch outside. It was a weekday and we had to run errands around the Hussain Chowk area so we thought of eating somewhere nearby. It is while picking a restaurant... Continue Reading →

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