The Cave of Han

Cave of Han is a stunning natural cave located in the village of Han Sur Lesse, in Belgium. It is surrounded by River Lesse on one side. Century old tram takes one from the center of the village to the entrance of the cave and its around 4km. On the sides, you can see wild animals and lots of forests, which makes it a beautiful view. Some of the wild life animals we saw were wolves, bison, red deer and wild boar. On the entrance, guides are waiting for you. The best part is the tour is in four languages; French, Dutch, German and English.

The walk is around 2 to 3 km and involves up and down of 500 steps. The visit lasts for around 2 hours.  The steps are divided in a way, it makes it less hectic for everyone. The guides direct a group all around the cave and explain them everything about it. The best thing is there is one guide present from the family who discovered the cave. How interesting is that!!! You get to know their side of the story.

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                           Inside the cave


  • The temperature inside the cave is cold even in summers around 13 degrees so always carry something warm with you, we didn’t which was stupid of us.
  • It is a lot of walk, so if you are ill don’t go because the tram only drops you to the entrance. You have to walk all around the cave and come out from the other side
  • If you are immunocompromised in any way, don’t go because the temperature inside is humid and you can get ill easily
  • It is not open every year, as the water in the cave rises to a level where its impossible to explore the cave. (I hope you have seen the Thai cave case of the footballer kids, it was scary).
  • The ticket is 20 euros for adults and 14 euros for children
  • Photos can be taken without flash, that’s the reason the photos we took weren’t too good as it’s a little dark inside the cave. We don’t allow flash as it can affect your vision and you can miss a step and fall.
  • Take water with you so if you are thirsty in the cave, you can drink it
  • When you leave the cave, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or coffee just by the river.
  • Lastly, if you are adventurous like us and love seeing new places, don’t miss this cave!!

Exit of cave


River Lesse



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