Of food and discounts- The Tree Lounge


I got a khabba card from a friend along with a discount card of 500 rupees for a restaurant called Tree Lounge, so we decided to go there as it was expiring on the 1st of April (you can see how much we are into food and discounts). We reached the Tree Lounge which is opposite Shoppe in Liberty market. They have a sitting inside and outside but we chose to sit inside as it was too hot. The weather is changing so quickly that it feels like winters didn’t even come.

So, coming back to the Tree Lounge; it had a nice interior, looked more like a café with drawings of trees and birds. A very sweet receptionist who was also taking the orders helped us in deciding what we should order. The best thing was she was very honest about the menu. So this time we both ordered the same thing, it was called three cheese stuffed chicken. With its description it seemed so delicious so we were waiting how it would turn up in reality. With this I ordered fresh lime and my other twin (elder one) ordered some blue lemonade. It took them a lot of time to bring our order (around 40 minutes). In the meantime, we took pictures and gossiped. We were quite hungry (I think we always are) and after a long wait the food finally arrived; it looked better than the description. There were four pieces of cheese filled chicken with a topping of extra cheese and to make it better it was served with a bowl of extra cheese sauce with mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Oh wait did I forget to tell you I can eat chicken now! Yes you heard it right. Let’s see till how long I don’t get the allergy again. Coming again to the food, it tasted even better than it looked. Still have the taste of that chicken in my mouth. God, chicken is such a blessing. The drinks were kind of a failure; they were just very average and were served without any straws or any kind of decoration.

Our overall experience was okay; I would rate it a 3.5/5. The food was delicious. All these things cost us around 2500 rupees. The service was a little slow but the stuffed chicken was worth the entire wait. Also they gave us a free cookie because we checked in, but never ever have that cookie! Lesson learnt: Not everything that is free is good.



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